Quotes from Model Misbehavior

Stewie: You know, perhaps you should worry a little less about your pride and a little more about the creepy crawlies Shawshanking their way out of your balloon knot.

Worm: Y'know what's interesting? I've only been alive for six weeks, I know nothing of the world beyond this dog's stomach, and I still find Six Feet Under pretentious.

Peter: So, uh, Mr. Pewterschmidt, the big race is tomorrow, huh? I bet you're gonna need some big strapping men to help you with your boat.
Mr. Pewterschmidt: Are you calling me gay?
Peter: No, I just thought you might want some extra seamen on your poop deck.

Sailor: What is it, sir?
Captain: That's what we call a manatee, boys. Or in nautical terms, the sea cow.

Lois: Hey, everybody, wait 'til you see this.
Peter: Oh my God, moveable printed type! We must keep this from the serfs less they gain literacy and threaten the landed gentry.

Lois: I'm gonna become a model!
Peter: Hey, that's fantastic, Lois. And I'll pleasure myself to your photos.
Chris: Me too!
Meg: Me too!
Peter: Ew. Oh, God, Meg, that's sick. That's your mother!
Meg: I'm just trying to fit in.

Peter: Oh man, I can't believe I'm sleepin' with a model. I'm luckier than the state of Rhode Island!

Peter: Wow, Lois, look at you, you're like Britney Spears... except you're not a fat guy.

Quagmire: Wow, Lois, you look great. I'd like to split you in half like a piece of lumber.
Lois: Oh, thank you, Glen.
Joe: Yeah, Lois, I'd like to wear you like a hockey mask.
Lois: Oh, you guys....
Peter: Okay, easy fellas.
Cleveland: Lois, I'd like to make a caramel colored baby with you.
Peter: Take it easy, Cleveland.

Stewie: You look like Snoopy and it makes me smile.

Mr. Pewterschmidt: Eat this pinecone.
Peter: Well, uh...
Mr. Pewterschmidt: Eat it! It will amuse me.

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