Quotes from Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington

Brian: And the Lord said, Go Sox.

Brian: Oh, please, Peter, your excuses are lamer than FDR's legs.
Meg & Peter: *gasp*
Brian: Too soon?

Peter: That plane crash I told you about? It turned out to be gas.

Chris: I'm so hungry I could ride a horse. I don't get it. Well, I could ride it to the store, I guess.

Chris: Dad, what the blow-hole for?
Peter: I'll tell you what it's not for, son. And when I do, you'll understand why I can never go back to Sea World.

Brian: Stop staring at my tail!

Chris: If I had a hole in my throat I'd put pennies in it.

Peter: Since I became president, profits have been higher than Alyssa Milano.
Alyssa Milano: What kind of cheap shot!? Joel!
Joel: I'm suing, I'm suing, I'm on it, I'm on it.

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