2nd Season

#1 Peter, Peter Caviar Eater
#2 Holy Crap
#3 DaBoom
#4 Brian in Love
#5 Love Thy Trophy
#6 Death is a Bitch
#7 The King is Dead
#8 I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar
#9 If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'
#10 Running Mates
#11 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks
#12 Fifteen Minutes of Shame
#13 Road to Rhode Island
#14 Let's Go to the Hop
#15 Dammit Janet
#16 There's Something About Paulie
#17 He's Too Sexy for His Fat
#18 E. Peterbus Unum
#19 The Story on Page 1
#20 Wasted Talent
#21 Fore Father

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Executive producer Seth MacFarlane, Executive producer David Zuckerman, Supervising producer Craig Hoffman, Supervising producer Danny Smith, Co-producers Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman, Consulting producer Gary Janetti, Line producer Ken Dennis, Supervising director Peter Shin, Supervising director Roy Allen Smith, Produced by Sherry Gunther

#1 Peter, Peter Caviar Eater: Aired Thursday, September 23, 1999

It turns out that Lois is from a rich family, and her aunt Marguerite dies and leaves the Griffins her Newport, RI mansion. The family moves in, and Peter, with some coaching from Brian, tries to become a debonair gentleman. Peter bids $100 million on a vase at an auction, and Lois gets fed up with how Newport has changed her family. Peter finds pictures of old presidents with whores in the house, and sells them to make enough money to pay off his $100 million debt and buy their old house back in Quahog.

#2 Holy Crap: Aired Thursday, September 30, 1999

Peter's retired and very religious father drives everyone crazy after he moves in. After his father fires him from his own job, Peter kidnaps the Pope to convince his father that he's a good son.

#3 DaBoom: Aired Sunday, December 26, 1999

Peter, warned about the end of the world by a giant chicken, forces his family to take cover in the basement for New Year's eve. They survive the nuclear holocaust, and with help of a Twinkie factory in Natick, they found New Quahog from the remnants of their lives. Peter is mayor of the new town, but when everyone gets sick of the lousy job he's doing, the Griffin family gets kicked out and heads for a Carvel factory. Meanwhile, Stewie, who has been mutated into an octopus, leaves behind eggs which hatch a whole bunch of violent clones that destroy New Quahog. Then Pamela wakes up in "Dallas" to find Bobby in the shower and tells him about this awful dream she had about an episode of "Family Guy."

#4 Brian in Love: Aired Tuesday, March 7, 2000

After Brian starts having accidents in the house, he goes to a therapist who convinces him that he's in love with Lois. Stewie refuses to be potty-trained.

#5 Love Thy Trophy: Aired Tuesday, March 14, 2000

The Griffins and their neighbors work together to build an award-winning float for the town parade, but start a neighborhood war when their trophy disappears. Meg wants a Prada purse like all her friends, so she gets a job waitressing. She realizes that she makes much more money in tips after someone mistakes Stewie as her son, so she starts to play it up until Stewie is taken away by child services. The neighborhood comes together to work as a team and get Stewie back from his foster home, but it ends up that Meg has to trade her new Prada purse for her little brother. It turns out that Brian buried the trophy in the back yard because he likes to bury shiny things.

#6 Death is a Bitch: Aired Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Peter finds a lump in his breast and goes to the doctor. Although he gets a clean bill of health, he writes on his form that he's dead so that he doesn't have to pay his bill. Death gets a copy of the form and comes to collect Peter, but when Peter tries to make a run for it, Death sprains his ankle. While death is laid up on his couch, Peter goes out on a rampage, jumping off buildings, drinking hundreds of beers, and getting himself shot. He publicizes the fact that the rules of Death no longer apply, so Death tells Peter that he'll let him live as long as Peter fills in for him while he's recuperating. Death sends Peter to do a high-profile killing: the cast of "Dawson's Creek" on a plane. Peter actually ends up thwarting the plane crash, but the event makes the news, and at least the pilots died, so Death feels like everyone is reminded that people can still die. Death leaves the Griffins' with a promise to return soon.

#7 The King is Dead: Aired Tuesday, March 28, 2000

When Lois becomes artistic director of the local theater troupe and decides to put up "The King and I," Peter takes over the show and makes a mockery of it, setting in in the future with robots and partial nudity.

#8 I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar: Aired Tuesday, March 28, 2000

After Peter gives up a free boat for free tickets to a lousy comedy club, he gets drunk at the comedy club and performs a little stand-up. People laugh at him mainly because he's a drunk ass, but he takes it as a testament to his comedy skills and starts telling tasteless jokes at work. One of his female co-workers is offended, so he gets sent to a sensitivity training class which he completely fails. He is then sent on a womens' retreat, where is basically turned into an overly-sensitive woman. Lois misses her old raunchy husband, and when he brings her to a womens' rights benefit, she ends up getting in a fight with one of the feminist leaders. The cat fight brings Peter back to himself, and he immediately takes Lois home and to bed.

#9 If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin': Aired Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Peter tells the Make-A-Dream-Come-True Foundation that Chris is dying so that NBC will bring back their favorite cancelled TV show. When the Foundation comes calling for the rights to the story of Chris's death, Peter tells them that he miraculously cured Chris with his divine powers. People in Quahog start worshipping Peter, which he totally takes advantage of, until God sends down plagues to warn the Griffins that he doesn't want people worshipping anyone but him.

#10 Running Mates: Aired Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Lois is running for school board unopposed, but when Peter's favorite old teacher is fired for being a wacko and Lois doesn't think he deserves his job back, Peter runs against her. Peter runs a dirty race, and ends up winning after publicizing a risque picture of Lois that she gave him for their anniversary. Meanwhile, Chris is busted peeping at girls in the locker room, so Peter gives him a collection of pornographic magazines so that he can look at those instead of the real thing. Peter seems to be making good changes to the Quahog school system, but then the pornographic magazines come to light. James Carville advises Peter to blame the magazines on his wife, and he starts to, but then can't go through with it. He ends up announcing that he did give Chris the magazines, and he loves his wife, and he resigns from the school board.

#11 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks: Aired Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Chris gives his father a painting for his birthday, and a SoHo gallery owner spots it and admires it. The Griffins travel to New York so that Chris can become a famous artist, but when Chris realizes that one of the gallery owner's conditions is that he never sees his father again, he realizes he doesn't have what it takes. Meanwhile, Stewie becomes a Calvin Klein underwear model and helps launch CK's new baby underwear.

#12 Fifteen Minutes of Shame: Aired Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Meg is sick of being embarrassed by her family, so she ambushes them on a talk show. A network executive is intrigued by their story, and gets Peter to sign a deal to make the Griffins' daily lives into a reality series for TV. Meg can't stand it, and quits the family, living with the neighbors, while her role is re-cast with a perky blonde. When the cameras start just following the blonde around, the rest of the family realizes how silly it all is and they also quit. The entire family is re-cast with Tom Arnold and Fran Drescher playing Peter and Lois, and the real Griffins re-unite with Meg and live in a hotel.

#13 Road to Rhode Island: Aired Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Brian goes to pick up Stewie from visiting his grandparents in Palm Springs, and they miss their flight home due to Brian's drunkeness. During their car-stealing, train-hopping, hitch-hiking trip back to Rhode Island, they stop by Austin, TX so that Brian can deal with his mother-abandonment issues. There they find that Brian's mother has died and been stuffed by her owners, so they give her a proper burial. Lois makes Peter watch relationship communication tapes that are actually pornography. Chris and Meg play a stupid word guessing game.

#14 Let's Go to the Hop: Aired Tuesday, June 6, 2000

After a plane smuggling psychadelic toads from Colombia crashes in Quahog, toad-licking becomes the new drug of choice in the Quahog high school. Peter infiltrates the high school undercover as a cool kid and convinces all the kids to quit licking toads. Meg is trying to be popular so that a cool kid will ask her to the school dance, and decides to attend with her father since he's established himself as incredibly cool. Peter, however, can't help living out his own fantasies of being the cool kid in school, and can't say now when the most popular girl in school asks him to the dance, so he ditches Meg. When Peter and his date are chosen as king and queen of the prom, Peter is overcome by guilt, announces to the whole school that Meg broke his heart by dumping him, and makes it look like his high school persona drove his motorcycle over a cliff.

#15 Dammit Janet: Aired Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Lois notices that Stewie is having a hard time socializing with other kids his age, so she decides to put him in daycare with other kids. Stewie is, at first, horrified by daycare, but then he meets a pretty girl named Janet and learns what a serious crush feels like. He woos her, and has a mostly one-sided relationship which ends when he catches her eating some other boy's cookie. He tries to be strong, but ends up groveling to get her back, and then finally realizes that she was just using him for his cookies. Meanwhile, Lois is bored without Stewie to take care of, so she gets a job as a flight attendant. Peter, initially against Lois getting a job, is all for it because then he can fly free. Lois is miserable at her job, but Peter encourages her to keep it up because he is enjoying flying all over the world and making ridiculous demands from other flight attendants. Finally, Lois and Peter end up on the same flight, and Lois busts Peter making an ass of himself. She takes him into a bathroom to yell at him, and the plane gets hijacked. They end up stuck in Cuba without passports, and get on a raft with a bunch of Cuban refugees to get back to the U.S.

#16 There's Something About Paulie: Aired Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Peter and Lois go to buy a second car, but when Peter refuses to listen to Lois's good advice, they end up buying a lemon. Peter gets an offer from the mob to steal his crappy car so he can get insurance to pay for another one, and despite warnings from his friend, he takes the deal. Of course, shortly thereafter, the mob comes to Peter to ask for a favor. The Don asks Peter to take his annoyng nephew, Big Fat Paulie, out to the movies. Big Fat Paulie ends up coming home for dinner with Peter, and pissing off the entire Griffin family. Peter tells Paulie that he can't hang out with him anymore because Lois doesn't like him, so Paulie takes out a hit on the Lois. When Paulie is killed in a drive-by, Peter and Lois realize they have to go ask the Don to call off the hit as a favor on the day of his daughter's wedding.

#17 He's Too Sexy for His Fat: Aired Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Peter tries to help Chris lose weight, but when working out for a week doesn't make a difference, he resorts to liposuction. Chris is scared off by the plastic surgeon, but Peter undergoes the operation and ends up a big stud. Lois is disturbed when she disapproves of Peter's decision, but can't help being attracted to her new studly husband. Peter is inducted into the Beautiful People's Club of Quahog and shuns his "normie" family. Peter, distracted by his own reflection in his rear-view mirror, crashes his car and lands in the Quahog Lard Factory. When the bandages are removed, he looks like his old self. Stewie, while tormenting Chris on his diet, gains an enormous amount of weight and becomes so roly-poly that he can't even reach his own mouth with his hands.

#18 E. Peterbus Unum: Aired Wednesday, July 12, 2000

When Peter tries to get a permit to build a swimming pool in his back yard, he finds out that his plot is actually not part of Quahog, and therefore not part of the U.S., so he forms his own country of Petoria. When Peter gets no respect in the U.N., he decides to invade his neighbor's pool, which brings the U.S. Army to his border. The Griffins can only survive so long with no water, electricity, heat, or access to the United States, and finally, Lois and the kids leave President Peter to his third-world country. Peter finally repatriates only a week after seceding.

#19 The Story on Page 1: Aired Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Meg wants to get into Brown, but needs more extracurriculars on her transcripts, so she tries to join the school newspaper. Meg gets a great scoop on Mayor Adam West being insane and write a ground-breaking article, but Peter thinks it's dull and replaces it with one of his own outing Luke Perry (Meg's favorite celebrity) as gay. Luke Perry threatens to sue Meg while Peter desperately tries to prove that Luke Perry really is gay.

#20 Wasted Talent: Aired Tuesday, July 25, 2000

In a fabulous take-off on "Charlie and Chocolate Factory," the local brewery announces that it has put four silver scrolls in four beers, and the lucky drinkers who find them will get a tour of the brewery which has always been closed to visitors. Peter drinks steadily for days until he finds the last scroll, and excitedly goes for his tour of the brewery with Brian. He and Brian are kicked out when they drink an experimental beer that never goes flat. Meanwhile, Lois is desperate to find a piano student that can win the piano competition, since she has always come in second to her rival teacher, Alexis. When she discovers that Peter plays the piano beautifully when drunk she plies him with alcohol until he wins the competition for her.

#21 Fore Father: Aired Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Peter escapes spring cleaning by going on a father/son camping trip with Joe and Cleveland. Joe points out that Chris is lazy and irresponsible, and points out Peter's lack of fathering skills. Peter gets Chris a job at the golf course to teach him responsibility, but it's there that he realizes that Cleveland's son, Cleveland Jr., is a natural golfer and he decides to mold him into a pro. Cleveland warns Peter about his son't short attention span, but Peter is all wrapped up in proving his fathering skills. Chris is depressed that his father has decided to work on a new son, and turns to Quagmire who takes him out womanizing and to a nudie bar. Luckily, one of the strippers tells Chris to give his father another chance, and Chris is ready to take back his father when Peter predictably fails keeping Cleveland Jr.'s attention. After Stewie destroys a bunch of Brian's first edition books, Brian gets his revenge. When Stewie has a bad reaction to a recent vaccination at the doctor's office, Brian convinces him that the injection wasn't to make Stewie well, but actually to make him ill and control his brain.

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