Season 2, Episode 21: Fore Father

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Aired: Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Rating: 1.0/2


Written by Bobby Bowman
Directed by Scott Wood

Seth MacFarlane as Peter, Stewie, Brian, Buford, doctor, Gambler Paul, golfer, Infant Quagmire, John, Kevin, Patty, Peter #1, Peter #2, Quagmire, Steebo, and Tom Tucker
Alex Borstein as Lois, Barbara Walters, delivery woman, Quagmire's mom, Rosie, and Stacey
Seth Green as Chris
Mila Kunis as Meg
Also starring
Gary Cole as Charles, Dr. McKenzie and Gambler Bob
Mike Henry as Cleveland and Cleveland Jr.
Phil LaMarr as Gambler Dan and Rupert
Nicole Sullivan as bride, Candie and Mary
Patrick Warburton as Joe Swanson
Wally Wingert as Buck and Ned
Jim Cummings (uncredited) as Winnie the Pooh

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