Season 2, Episode 16: There's Something About Paulie

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Aired: Tuesday, June 27, 2000


Written by Ricky Blitt
Directed by Monte Young

Seth MacFarlane as Peter, Stewie, Brian, bachelor #2, drama teacher, groom, heavyset guy, and manager
Alex Borstein as Lois
Seth Green as Chris
Mila Kunis as Meg
Also starring
Michael Chiklis as big fat Paulie
Robert Costanza
Jon Cryer as Kevin
Mike Henry as Cleveland
Alan King as the Don
Brent Michael
Haley Joel Osment
Kevin Michael Richardson as Alex and fat man
Diane Robin as the bride, contestant and woman
Danny Smith
Jerry Sroka
Debra Wilson
Bobby Costanza (uncredited) as Biff and Louie

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