Quotes from Don't Make Me Over

Meg: Um, I was wondering if maybe you'd want to, I don't know... go out sometime?
Craig: Huh, that's about as likely as me playing by someone else's rules besides my own... which I would never do. I play by my own rules. Nobody else's. Not evenmy own.
Meg: How about a movie?
Craig: I don't go out with dudes.

Joe: You need to fix the place up. Re-invent the Clam's image! And we'll help ya.
Cleveland: That'll take forever
Peter: Not if we do a 1980s fixin' stuff up montage!

Brian: Cold in here?
Stewie: Nope, just very small.

Meg: Face it, mom, no matter what I wear I look ugly.
Lois: Oh, Meg, you're bein'... uh... let's try down here.

Newscaster: Coming up next, Joan Rivers speaks to us from beyond the grave.

Peter: That's it! We'll turn this place into a karaoke bar. Oh, man, that's the best idea since they faked the moon landing.

Meg: I got a makeover, dad. Don't I look great?
Peter: Oh, Meg, honey, I always thought you looked beautiful just the way... ha ha ha ha, ho ho, oh God, couldn't do that with a straight face. Ha, ha! Oh, welcome to the family, sweetheart. Chris, go burn all Meg's old pictures.

Mayor Adam West: Oh, God, I love this song. And I love it when amateurs sing the lyrics. But I hate baseball cards.

Boy: Wow, great job getting hot, Meg.
Meg: Gee, thanks.
Craig: Hey, Meg.
Meg: Oh, hi, Craig.
Craig: Now that you're attractive, how about we go out sometime.
Meg: Gosh, I'd love to.
Craig: Great. I'll pick you up whenever I feel like it.

Prisoner #1: I hear there's a lot of buzz about this band.
Prisoner #2: Yeah, there was a pretty positive review carved in Tony's ass.

Chris: Oh my God, the guy behind me braided my hair.

Prisoner #3: Who is she? God, I could strangle her all night long! Boy, that's not healthy, is it, that that's the first place I go to?

Dr. Diddy: We got to get her half-naked and put her up front center stage. That's gonna make you all billionaires, because America loves hot white jailbait ass.
Peter: Wait a minute... that's the smartest thing I've ever heard anyone say about anything.

Meg: Wow, Jimmy, that was everything Ladies' Home Journal said it would be.

Meg: Mom! Dad! He used me for comedy!

Meg: I'm so glad to be the real me, again. It's too much work being beautiful.
Lois: Heh heh... not for me. But it's good to have you back, pumpkin.

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