Quotes from To Live and Die in Dixie

Stewie: She needs to get laid bigtime.

Chris: It'll make you smell like Elizabeth Taylor. I guess that means you'll smell like bourban and Vicodan.

Chris: Oh, I'm so awkward!

Robber: I'm gonna go bang my girlfriend and then I'm gonna kill Chris Griffin!
Stewie: Good lord! Can he really say "bang my girlfriend" on TV?

Peter: The deep south? Isn't that the place where the black guys are really lazy and all the white guys are just as lazy but they're mad at the black guys for being so lazy?

Lois: Look everybody, here we are, the town of Bumblescum.
Meg: This is our house?
Lois: Oh, come on, Meg, I bet if we fixed it up a little bit it could be a piece of crap.

Meg: Great, we're here five minutes and dad gets mauled by a rodent.

Peter: Augh... oh, God... augh, it's everywhere... augh, it's in my raccoon wounds! Oh God!

Stewie: Oh, I feel so deliciously white trash. Mummy, I want a mullet!

Chris: Where do you think you go when you die?
Sam: I learned in church that if you're good you go to heaven, but if you're bad you go to a place where the dead believe they're still livin' and they pray for death but death won't come.
Chris: UPN?

Brian: Look over there! It's a newly married interracial gay couple burning the American flag!

Waylon Jennings: Now, them Griffin boys better grow some wings... or start flappin' their arms.

Peter: I think the lesson here is, it really doesn't matter where you're from, as long as we're all the same religion.

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