Season 3, Episode 8: The Kiss Seen Round the World

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Aired: Wednesday, August 29, 2001



Written by Mark Hentemann
Directed by Pete Michels

Also starring
Lori Alan as Diane
Mike Barker as buff guy
Johnny Brennan as Mr. Goldman/Horace
Michael Chiklis as mechanic/cartoony crewman
Gary Cole as Principal Shepherd
Hugh Downs as himself
Ralph Garman as Dustin Hoffman
Mark Hentemann as Chief McKenzie
D.D. Howard as Jane Fonda
Phil LaMarr as minister
Danny Smith as juice man/media murderer
Tara Strong as Beth/classmate/teenage girl
Nicole Sullivan as Mrs. Goldman
Abe Vigoda as himself
Adam West as himself
Lisa Wilhoit as Connie D'Amico/girl

Seth MacFarlane not only played Peter, Stewie and Brian in this episode, he also played Steve Gutenberg, Mr. Berler, Tom, the cameraman, God, cartoony Columbus, Mr. Lazenby and Peter Jennings. Alex Borstein not only played Lois, she also played Charlie, and Seth Green not only played Chris, but was also the voice of Neil and Tom's Assistant.

Many people wondered what that pool scene (where Meg is watching Tom Tucker on TV and imagines him jumping into a pool fully clothed) comes from. It's a reference to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," the 1982 movie starring Sean Penn.

The floating bag scene was a reference to "American Beauty," the 1999 movie starring Kevin Spacey.

Adam West was credited in this episode (he normally plays Adam West, the mayor of Quahog), although he did not actually appear. His short scene, which occurred near the end of the episode when Neil was about to jump, was cut for time.

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