Season 3, Episode 20: European Road Show

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AKA: "Road to Europe"

Aired: Thursday, February 7, 2002

Rating: 2.8/4


Written by Daniel Palladino
Directed by Dan Povenmire

Seth MacFarlane as Peter, Brian, Stewie, Rashad, and others
Alex Borstein as Lois
Seth Green as Chris
Mila Kunis as Meg
Also starring
Chris Cox as caller #2, guy dressed as Ace Frehley and catholic #3
Andy Dick as himself
Jon Favreau as Donny Sciberra and bazaar salesman #1
Sean Flynn as Trent
Lauren Graham as Mother Maggie and stewardess
Mike Henry as Andy Rooney
Michelle Horn as child #1
Don LaFontaine as TV announcer
Phil LaMarr as bazaar salesman #2
Jane Lynch as Dotty Campbell and British mom
Michael McKean as Pengrove Pig/man on plane with peanuts/camel salesman
Gene Simmons as himself
Paul Stanley as himself
Fred Willard as Dave Campbell
Wally Wingert as bazaar salesman and Peter Criss

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