Quotes from Death is a Bitch

Peter: "I don't say this often enough, but, uh, I'm gonna die."
Lois: "Oh my God."
Stewie: "High five! Anyone? Anyone?"

Peter: "I've had a good life. And you can always be proud of your father and all of his accopmlishments."
Meg: "What accomplishments?"
Peter: "Go to your room."

Stewie: "You! Heat up some gravy for our guest. My last helping of white meat was drier than Oscar Wilde."

Stewie: "It seems with death incapacitated my matricidal efforts are futile."

Meg: "You could kill all the girls who are prettier than me."
Death: "Well, that would just leave England."

Peter: "I'm not gonna kill those kids. If they die I'll have nothing to watch on Wednesdays.... Other than the fine programs on Fox."

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