Season 1, Episode 4: Mind Over Murder


"For the love of God, shake me! Shake me like a British nanny." -Stewie

"I'll be on your bed. No calls." -Brian

"Oh, how cute, it's a time machine." -guy
"No, no no, it's a, it's a... blast, what the devil do children draw? It's a pheasant!" -Stewie

"I'm free, free! I claim this mouth in the name of incisor!" -incisor
"I think not!" -bicuspid
"Ah, bicuspid. We meet again." -incisor


Written by Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan, Directed by Roy Allen Smith

Starring Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green. Also starring Lori Alan, Carlos Alazraqui, Butch Hartman, Mike Henry, Wally Wingert. Special guest stars Alex Rocco, Leslie Uggams.

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